Our Mission

At The Smarter Dollar, our mission is to provide unique content surrounding personal finance that is aimed at beginners without technical jargon and overwhelming information. Our vision is to help people make informed decisions about their money so they can achieve their financial goals. We believe that everyone should have access to quality personal finance education and tools, and we’re committed to making that a reality.

The information and content produced throughout this website is from experience and personal acheivements. It should be treated as informational content only and not financial advice.

The Smarter Dollar

Welcome to The Smarter Dollar. I am Chad Wyatt the founder and creator of this site. I was stuck working the 9-5 in a mondane management position that paid a below average salary. Barely making ends meet every month and living in a run-down rental, I decided things needed to change. I quit the 9-5 and built an income of over 6-figures through various sources and methods. Owning properties with no mortgages and having no debts. Throughout this journey I have developed unique skills in budgeting, earning money, and making a better life myself. Now it is time for me to pass that on.

Chad Wyatt

The Smarter Dollar

Who's It For?

The Smarter Dollar was created to help beginners when it comes to personal finance. The idea is to produce helpful content that isn't filled with finance jargon and long technical words that people struggle with - instead, the content is to-the-point and written in Lehmans terms, making it more actionable. Whether you want to escape the 9-5, earn some side-hustle money, improve your savings, or invest your money, The Smarter Dollar covers it all. It is important to remember that the contents of this website are not to be considered as financial advice .

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